Ashley Taylor

Hi my name is Ashley I’m 28 years old. I live alone with a team of PA’s and 24 hour care.

I enjoy various activities such as playing on the Xbox and football, both watching matches on TV and going to them, I am a season ticket holder at Leeds United. I also enjoy socialising with friends.

I run a group called TAG (Taking Action Group) which consists of disabled adults aged 19+ and also organise a social event as part of the group once a month in various locations within Calderdale. Our main aim is to use our experience as disabled people, to influence and inspire others to take action to help improve the lives of disabled people and their families within Calderdale. As part of this we take on various projects that we feel we can use to make a difference.

I’ve had many experiences around personalisation and hope to put that in to use as part of the team here at imagineer. I gained these experiences from attending various PATH’s, going on many training courses and being involved with many groups growing up as a disabled person in Calderdale. I aim to use all my previous experiences of different environments and situations to aid me in helping others. I have also been asked to speak at numerous conferences about my life experiences as a disabled person.