Access Audits


Imagineer Foundation worked in partnership with Halifax Bid to carry out access audits in cafes, restaurants and pubs in Halifax centre.

Since these initial audits Imagineer Foundation have widened the access audits to include;

  • Places of interest within Calderdale,
  • Areas surrounding Halifax Centre,
  • Leisure Facilities 

The results of the access audit have been recorded on a free app called Wheelmap and we have created our own system for measuring the visual access of a venue or facility.

Since commencing the access audits in 2018 Imagineer Foundation have delivered awareness raising sessions with members of the local community.

The sessions have introduced people to completing access audits and recording the results on Wheelmap.

These sessions were based on the aim of creating a community approach to the population of information onto the Wheelmap platform.

These sessions have proved to be a successful way of engaging local people to audit there own local areas and the places they visit around Calderdale.

Due to this there is now a good level of detail on the Wheelmap platform for Calderdale.