Imagineer Foundation

Breaking Down Barriers

Imagineer Foundation is run by local people for local people with the aim of supporting those who face isolation or disadvantage due to a long term illness, disability, mental health condition of sensory impairment. Imagineer Foundation provides a range of person led solutions to build a stronger community.

Our Mission

‘Enabling local people to confidently take action against barriers they face within their community’

We work within the principles of Good Help.

What is Good Help?

Defined by Nesta  ‘good help’ supports people to feel hopeful, identify their own purpose and confidently take action. Other help – which we call ‘bad help’ – does the opposite, undermining people’s confidence, sense of purpose and independence.

We strive to identify barriers to ‘good help’, to promote, support and measure practices demonstrating ‘good help’ in the Calderdale region. We provide support to expand these practices, promoting them regionally and through the national ‘good help’ movement.

What we do

The Imagineer Foundation researches activities taking place in Calderdale that fall into banner of ‘good help’.

We is work with a network of community organisations to identify barriers to ‘good help’.

The research is used to direct the development of Good Help Services and Good Help Innovation projects. This is done by using the our partner networks to develop user led solutions that seek to tackle the identified barriers to ‘good help’.

Services Provided by Imagineer Foundation

Recording Equipment

People are experiencing unfair assessments of their needs leading to them being ineligible for benefits, support or care, leaving them disadvantaged financially and at risk.

Imagineer Foundation provide recording equipment for people to use during an assessment meeting to ensure that an accurate record is made of meeting.  The equipment provided meets the required standards set by the DWP and Local Authority.

We have four sets of recording equipment,

Factsheets for assist people to prepare for their assessment meeting,

Support for people who need assistance in setting up and managing the recording equipment.

We are working with Disability Support Calderdale on this project.


Imagineer Foundation have worked in partnership with Halifax Bid to carry out access audits in cafes, restaurants and pubs in Halifax centre.

These audits took place in 2018 and we are aiming to review the audit outcomes each year to make sure the information we are sharing is up to date and relevant.

We are also intending to widen the access audits we complete to places of interest within Calderdale.

The results of the mapping exercise have been recorded onto an online free app called Wheelmap and we have created our own system for measuring the visual access of a venue or facility.

We are working with Visits Unlimited on this project.