Imagineer Foundation

Breaking Down Barriers

Imagineer Foundation is Calderdale based Registered Charity which is run by local people for local people.


The Aim of Imagineer Foundation

The aim of Imagineer Foundation is to support people who face isolation or disadvantage due to a long term illness, disability, mental health condition of sensory impairment.

Our Mission

‘Enabling local people to confidently take action against barriers they face within their community’

We work within the principles of Good Help.

What We Do

Imagineer Foundation provides a range of ‘community & person led’ solutions to build a stronger community.

Researching the Assets of the Community

Projects Delivered by Imagineer Foundation

Recording Equipment for Assessments and Meetings

Accessibility Audits

What is Good Help?

Defined by Nesta  ‘good help’ supports people to feel hopeful, identify their own purpose and confidently take action. 

At Imagineer Foundation we strive to identify barriers to ‘good help’, to work together with our network to overcome these barriers and to  promote and support practices demonstrating ‘good help’ in the Calderdale region.